Tamara Faour

Lead Teacher

My name is Tamara Faour, and I grew up right here in Wellington, Colorado! Along with being an Early Childhood Teacher at Alvarium Learning Center, I am a big sister, a piano instructor, a storyteller, and a nature enthusiast. I also am the daughter of ALC’s owners—and I’m very pleased to get to work on this with them!

I love learning many different things, and I have taught in several different capacities. I started teaching piano in high school, along with assisting and supporting youth theater and choir instructors and volunteering with other youth activities. I went on to earn my B.A. and M.A. in English Liberal Arts at the University of Northern Colorado and specializations in Spanish, Writing, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This led to opportunities teaching English to adults abroad, mentoring college students in writing, and teaching college composition. Most recently I have taught as a preschool teacher and hold qualifications for being an early childhood educator.

Two things that really refresh my heart are walking on starry nights and getting my hands dirty in the garden. I also love cooking, listening to audiobooks, and spending time with my family. I’m considering planting lima beans in the garden this year.

I like teaching because it is a chance to connect with others and help them to understand the world as you see it. I also like it because it is a way for me to learn new ways to see the world. Teaching at Alvarium Learning Center with my family and fellow staff is special because I get to have this exchange with the people nearest to me in my community. Not only this, it is special because I get to work with children who constantly remind me to reexamine my priorities and make sure that regular snacks, looking closely at insects, and having dance breaks are a part of them. My hope is that by teaching here I will participate in giving those children a foundation for courage, hope, and happiness.