Ages 3-4 Years

Children in this classroom must be potty trained. Our Preschool program focuses on transitioning children into being able to adapt their behavior appropriately to different situations and recognize more parts of the world around them. As a part of this program, children will be encouraged to explore their environment and learn new things through movement, stories, creative arts, sensory play, dramatic play, manipulatives, and free play. Part of this exploration will involve learning academic building blocks that include alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, and sign-language. Children will practice daily life skills such as putting on shoes, dressing in their snow clothes, taking care of their personal belongings, helping in their classroom and developing more independence. Preschoolers will be encouraged to engage with nature through daily outdoor play and nature-based activities. During these activities, teachers will offer children gentle guidance in expressing themselves, communicating appropriately with others, controlling their impulses, and empathizing with others. The goal of the program is that children achieve greater ability to interact with others and an ever brightening curiosity and love for the world around them. This classroom has low child to teacher ratios that allows for more opportunities to build respectful and reciprocating relationships between children, teachers and peers.