Summer Program


Our summer school age program focuses on playing, socializing, and growing skills. For this year's program, we have expert instructors who will visit Alvarium Learning Center throughout the summer to teach our kiddos a variety of classes including Soccer, Art, American Kenpo Jujitsu, Performing/Theater, dance, and fitness. In addition, the summer program will include a number of fun activities that will take place at Alvarium Learning Center such as Water Play, Tumbling, Sports and Laser Tag. Parents/Legal Guardians are invited to join their kiddos in playing Laser Tag on Fridays. Please check the Summer Calendar for the Laser Tag times.

Through out the summer, we will have experts in our community visit Alvarium Learning Center to present to the children on a variety of topics.

When the children are not doing the planned activities listed on the Summer Calendar, they will be doing a variey of other activities including building with legos, blocks, and magnetiles, sports, board games, art/crafts, music, and playing outdoors.

Finally, the summer program includes Tutoring (e.g. Math, Science, English) if families would like extra focus on a subject in preparation for the school year. If you are interested in tutoring for your child, please contact us to discuss the subjects and topics your child need tutoring in.